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Morley Pedals

Morley Gold Series ABY 2-button Switcher/Combiner Pedal

Morley Gold Series ABY 2-button Switcher/Combiner Pedal

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Easy Routing, Selecting, and Combining

Selector Switch Pedal


The Morley ABY-G can be employed in a variety of situations. Namely, the choice between two inputs/one output or one input/two outputs gives the user many options. You can, for instance, run a signal to a pair of amps for true stereo effect; switch between two amps for dirty/clean tones (perfect for that old tube amp with separate channels); bypass that noisy boutique stomp box or your entire pedal setup altogether; simultaneously run a keyboard and guitar through your effects chain, and more. Basically, you can route one signal to two outputs or two inputs to one output — then select between them or combine them. We've tried countless switching solutions here at Sweetwater, and we can confirm that the ABY-G will give you routing flexibility with zero crosstalk or bleed through between channels. The ABY-G pedal features a road-tough black steel housing with eye-grabbing gold lettering.

Morley ABY-G Signal Switcher Pedal Features:

  • Routes 1 signal to 2 outputs or 2 inputs to 1 output
  • Choose A, B, or A and B combined
  • LEDs show you which signal is active
  • Quiet, high-quality circuitry ensures zero crosstalk or bleed through between channels
  • True bypass switching preserves your tone when inactive
  • Black cold rolled-steel housing with eye-grabbing gold lettering


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